Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Did I tell you that I got an iPhone? No it is not one of the new cool 3gs ones. It is my little sisters hand-me-down 3g iPhone. But whatever I got an iPhone. It is everything that I dreamed it would be and I am very happy with it.

My sister shared a great site for free iPhone ringtones so I have been totally into adding personal ringtones for my contact list. I has been fun finding songs for certain people. Here is what I have on my phone so far:

  • My cousin Booga - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mariah Carey) - because he is a DJ
  • My cousin Carlos- Uncle Johns Band (Grateful Dead)- because for one summer we were Deadheads together
  • My Ami Boo- My Boo (Alicia Keys)- Because duh she is my Boo
  • My buddy G$- Wonderwall (Oasis) - because like me he understands that this is one of the best songs ever. And he is kind of like my wonderwall.
  • My BFF Jessica- Womanizer (Britney Spears) - because she always gets that song stuck in my head when I don't want it to be.
  • My Comadre Patty- Aint No Future In Yo Frontin' (MC Breed) - because back in the day she liked this song and if you know Patty you might be surprised by this fact. It reminds me of the days of playing nintendo on a tiny black & white TV in her bedroom.
  • My Pops- Every Little Step I Take (Bobby Brown)- because I will NEVER forget the time he came home from work and my sisters and I were watching MTV and the video was on and as he walked in front of the TV he did this funny hop foot swinging dance. Thanks to that memory this song will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face.
  • My cousin Cassie- Smile Lines (Incubus)- because she understands that Brandon Boyd is a god and this is my favorite Incubus song.
  • My sister Elaine- Blame it on the Rain (Milli Vanilli)- when she was little we use to sing "blame it on Elaine" and it would make her cry. haha
  • Grandma Josie - Josie (Blink 182)- because her name is Josie duh
  • Mom- Hey Momma (Black Eyed Peas)- because she is my Momma and in my phone she is listed as Hey Momma. Always has been.
  • Uncle Matty- Arson for Love (My2Dads)- because this is my favorite song on his cd.
  • My sister Ouie- Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) - because she was such a fan that when she was like 4 she dressed as Cyndi Lauper for Halloween. She was a strange one like that. The Phi reminds me alot of her.
  • My cousin Rosie- Woman (wolfmother)- because she calls us all "woman" and I call her "woman". So when she calls my phone yells WOMAN!
  • My BFF Crissy (aka Sam)- Pony (Genuwine)- because I remember the time she tried to explain this song to me. Hilarious!
  • Sammy the Bull- Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (The Beatles)- because one of my favorite memories of Sam is singing this song with him karaoke style at my 30th birthday.
  • My buddy Tom- Hot in Herree (Nelly)- because there was a time that he only listened to this cd.
  • PR Dad- Blame it (Jaime Foxx) - it is now a joke between us.
  • PR Dad Work- Rock Show (Blink 182)- because he did fall in love with the girl at the rock show.
What is your ringtone?


  1. I saw a sticker today and it said Strangers are only friends you never knew you had,or something like that and I thought of you and the PR Babe. I'd love to see the finished product of the "Mad Artists". My Ringtones hmm well definitely Ball & Chain by Social Distortion for my old Job. Sick Boy for the middle Child. Jumbalaya by Hank Williams (since he's singing about his Yvonne on the Bayou) for Honey,Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver for the oldest,Offspring for the youngest and a few by Richard Cheese and oh Puff the Magic Dragon.

  2. Thanks Money! I know Wonderwall on guitar. Learned it lately while on summer break. I stopped into Guitar Center in Gilroy last month and played it start to finish. Only messed up once.
    I don't have ringtones. I leave my phone at home. I can go a week without getting a phone call. My phone is always on silent anyway.

  3. I only have one ringtone on my phone....Work by Gangstarr. That's MY SONG GIRL!! :-)

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Sweet comadre! I have MC Breed on my MP3- I listen to it when I work out. :)


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