Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photo Shoot with Mikey

A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot with my cousin Mikey for his Senior Portraits. Class of 2010 rules.

After I got past the crying because my baby Mikey was old enough to be graduating and he grew up so fast, I cried because the fact that Mikey was Class of 2010 and I am Class of 1995 made me feel sooo old Then I stopped crying and the 3+ hour photo shoot started.

We started at the high school, went to a local park, went to the middle school, stopped by the railroad tracks where the Moorpark PD very rudely yelled at us, then back to Mikey's house, then out to the Metro Link Station and the downtown area. It was a long shoot but Mikey was the best model ever. He was down for anything, took direction perfectly. It was awesome. I took over 1000 photos and have slowly been making my way through and editing.

I am a bit nervous and I really hope Mikey and my Tia Mary like the end results.

PR Dad took a picture of me shooting Mikey......

And I have to thank PR Dad for being my bitch, I mean my assistant, that day. He is the best assistant ever. Yes he is for hire but believe me, he doesn't come cheap.

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  1. You ROCK! and btw I graduated 11 years before you,so quit talking about old. : )


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