Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Since the 1000+ photos have not been uploaded yet we are going to have to recap the weekend in reverse.

Monday was a The Phi-less day for PR Dad and I. The Phi spent Sunday night with my sister and the kids so on Monday PR Dad and I slept in, and headed out to Sambos for a late breakfast. Yummy chocolate chip muffins and omelet.

PR Dad showed me his unique way of eating oatmeal that both is yummy, milky and keeps the oatmeal warm for as long as possible. I told him to patent that idea but he said he can't because his oatmeal eating techniques are for the people. Oh PR Dad, he is such a giver.

Then we headed to the movies to see an adult film. NO not that kind of adult film. To us an adult film is anything not animated. We finally got to see The Hangover and it lived up to the hype. The movie was hilarious and where the hell did Bradley Cooper come from. Hot damn. Seriously wow!

After the movie we walked State Street and of course shopped for things for The Phi, because we feel guilty for having fun without her for like 20 hours.

So nice having a day out with PR Dad alone. A nice reminder just how much I really enjoy my husbands company.

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  1. Wait a minute!! They still have sambos? I thought that closed them down or were bought out by denny's I haven't seen a Sambos since I was a kid.-


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