Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spoiled Schmuck

So my husband knows how to make me feel like a schmuck.

For our anniversary I left a greeting card on my pillow when I left for work and posted a video on this here blog. Then I get home from the office and there are not 1 but 2 gifts for me AND a card.

And here I thought we weren't doing gifts.

And not just 2 gifts. 2 GOOD gifts.

I am such a schmuck.....

a spoiled rotten schmuck.


  1. Is that Gwenies perfume?? You aren't a schmuck,spoiled maybe but schmuck no! lol I sent you an e-mail but I can't tell if it went through. Just wanted you to know that your Frida is on it's way. Should be there by Monday is what I'm guessing. Please let me know that you got it.
    Happy Anniversary to the 3 of You.

  2. It's good to be spoiled.

  3. Awwww.... how sweet! And boy, he knows just what to get a wifey! =)

    The Harajuku Girls perfume! They smell sooooo good! Which one did ya get? I really like the "G" one. Smells coconuty!

    Enjoy them girl! You deserve it!

    Happy Anniversary to you two wonderful punkrock parents!

  4. We're wallet twins!

    Happy Anniversary!


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