Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Wieners

I am just going to apologize now. But when you spend time in beautiful places like Santa Barbara you end up with a lot of weekly winners. If you make it to the end you get a cookie!


This little fellow was hanging around our back yard. Insect pictures usually creep me out. This one kind of creeps me out too


While on the boat about to enter "It's a Small World" at Disneyland.


While at Eli's baptism I looked up to realize I was sitting directly under Jesus!


Church ceiling




Santa Barbara Mission Flower


Santa Barbara Mission Candles


This is how my peeps keep it real yo.


The Phi saw some lady take a photo here and insisted she take one too.


My family may make cute girls, but dang we make adorable little boys too!


AND ALWAYS THE SILLINESS...........................

this week keeping with the religious theme

yes that sign at the bottom says "friar photo op"

Thanks for visiting. Leave me a comment let me know what you think. And for more Weekly Winners please visit Sarcastic Mom.

Oh and your cookie is in the mail. Please allow 12-74 weeks for delivery.


  1. Hi, jesus!

    I really love the dragonfly.

  2. Oh absolutely amazing!! Love the baptism shot with the water - very special!

  3. Beautiful set. I especially like the first one's.

  4. Love the church ceiling!

    The first shot is too cool!

  5. I have a St Francis of Assisi shot glass. That I bought in Assisi.

    Love your photos. Especially your peeps keeping it real!

  6. Loved all of them. And the silliness is killing me.

  7. 12-74?!? That'll be one stale cookie by the time it gets here!

    Love the first flower shot. Purty!

  8. Gorgeous shots, I love the ones in the church, and the baptism is precious!


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