Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekly Wieners

May 10 - May 16

Today the birthday parties for The Phi and PR Dad start. Yes my daughter was born on my husbands birthday which means twice the everything. So as we hang out with friends and family making hamburgers and hot dogs and eating cake, please enjoy my weekly winners.


Walking back from brunch. 2 beautiful girls and beautiful purple flowers


Lili playing red light, green light. Running around and around a tree.


Pepe and Dexter. Color coordinated.


The Phi is obsessed with this guy. She was very excited to find "Cash Money Eyes" at Big Nana's house. Now I find it taped in random places in her bedroom.

Phi and Pink Flowers

The bougainvillea is in bloom in the backyard.


AND ALWAYS THE SILLINESS...................

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  1. I really love her little dress!! I want one in my size!

  2. Love the shot with bougainvillea, it's lovely. Happy birthday to The Phi and PR Dad!

  3. I love the shots, especially the color coordinated one! Happy Birthday to the birthdayites and happy Sunday to you!

    Weekly Winners 5/10 - 5/16

  4. I'm a sucker for the 'always the silliness' section... :-)

    Great pictures today!!!

  5. I love the way the real flowers bring out the colors in the girls' blouses. And the juxtaposition of the Geico Googley Eyes and the little girl with the beautiful eyes is priceless!

  6. I love the bougainvillea shot!


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