Saturday, May 09, 2009

Photo Shoot with Holly

A friend of ours is graduating from Cal State San Bernardino with an English degree. Go Holly! She asked if I would take some photos. I was very excited to work with Holly. For one she is gorgeous! And second she is just fun to be around.

We met at her work, which happened to be an adorable coffee shop, which happened to be next door to an empty building that use to be a art and crafts store. Tons of really cute places to take pictures.

We did some pictures in casual clothing and in a dress and some awesome boots. Holly was very excited about the boots.

Here are my final photos......

Congratulations Holly! We are really proud and excited for you and your very bright future. Oh and we can't wait for the party and the keg of Hanger 24 Orange Wheat. Seriously you have no idea how excited!


  1. Really nice photos. I love the green door.

  2. I love your work. I did photography in College. I miss it.


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