Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Own Math

Something the other day brought to mind a memory.

Back when PR Dad and I were first dating we were about a 2 hours drive away from each other. We would only get to see each other on weekends. I use to hate Sunday nights when we would have to say good-bye because I knew it would be days until I would see his face again. To make the weeks easier to get through PR Dad developed our own math to make the week seem so much shorter.

He usually left really late Sunday, technically Monday morning so Monday didn't count, Tuesdays and Wednesday counted and Thursday only half counted because it was the day before Friday and Friday we got to see each other again. So really it wasn't 5 days away from each other its only really 2 and half. See how our math worked!

Those months apart from each other were tough to get through, especially during that first lovey-dovey period of a relationship. But because of those months of missing him, I will never take for granted getting to see his face everyday.


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