Friday, May 15, 2009

Her Early Birthday Gift

Last week or so The Phi received a birthday card from Toys R Us. Inside there was a little gift card. And I mean little. It was for $3. When I got home from work she showed me the card and I asked her what she was going to buy. She immediately responded that she was going to buy the Barbie Jeep she has been wanting. I told her she better add some zeros to that gift card.

We went to Toys R Us and we wandered. She spotted the Barbie Jeep and I spotted the $300 price tag and somehow redirected her attention to the next aisle. The bicycle aisle. PR Dad had her hop onto a bike with training wheels and off she went. She did not need any direction or help. Just started cruising around the aisles.

It was decided she was getting a bike for her birthday.

The next day we took her out to a park. We strapped on her helmet and let her go. And off she went.....

I looked over at PR Dad and said, "Can you believe she is riding a bike?". I was all teary eyed because my baby is such a big kid now

And PR Dad being PR Dad just shrugged and said "Well yea, she's almost 4 years old". Oh PR Dad and his black heart.

Oh and with that $3 gift certificate?

She bought streamers for her new bike.

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  1. Happy Birthday Phi!!
    It's funny how emotional we get when they take their first solo ride. It brings all the "what's next" questions to mind. Enjoy her,they grow up way too fast.


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