Friday, April 24, 2009

Open Casa

Last night The Phi's school had an open house. Much like the the chaos that was back to school night, this was also a bit unorganized. I did get a chance to talk to both her teachers about her progress. And I was a bit worried. See The Phi at home by herself is HI-larious. But imagine when you are trying to get 20 kids to eat lunch in 30 minutes and one of them is doing this....

This is what The Phi does instead of eating. I swear this kid is a drummer in her soul!

Yea not so funny then. At home though it is video worthy. So I was afraid that I was going to get....

"she is disruptive"
"She says butt-crack way more than any 3 year old should"
"the fake farting has gotten really old"

Instead her teachers told me that The Phi is a joy to have in class. She is respectful and social. She knows to walk away when someone is being mean or not behaving. She is great at sharing and is an all around good kid. I was one very proud Mom.


  1. dang, she can really feel the beat. get her some drum lessons

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Of course. She is perfect. Just like her mama. JVS

  3. the twins were sitting on the doll house with paint brushes drumming today. i told them that Tata plays the drums. now i got to tell them that day-day does too.


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