Monday, April 27, 2009


My Mom is 1 of 9 kids and my Pops is 1 of 6. So just with some simple math you can safely assume that I have A LOT of first cousin. I do. A Lot. Like somewhere around 50 first cousins. And with that many kids there is a lot of them close to your age. My cousin Patty is 28 days older than I am. That's almost like being twins! I grew up in the same town and for awhile went to the same school as Patty. We probably saw each other an average of once a week when we stopped going to school together. She has always been one of my best friends. She is an amazing human being and is The Phi's god-mother. I loved having my cousins close and growing up with then.

The Phi has only 6 cousins to date. 3 boy cousins on her Dad's side we see about 3 times a year despite the fact that they live close-ish to us. And 3 on my side. Angelica, Lili and Felix. All my sister Cari's kids. Angelica is almost 10 and Lili and Felix are almost 3. (yes Twins!!). Angelica was my only niece for a long time and we had a lot of years together just her and I so she will always be so special to me. Lili is my god-daughter so our course she is special to me. And Felix, he is our little man. The only boy in the family and is very special to me.

They are all at an age now that they really have fun playing together. They are starting to form memories that will stick with them. When we took Angelica home after spending the week with us my sister suggested we head to the park for a little while. Perfect idea. They got to play together, in the same place. The main reason I have this blog is to keep my friends and family updated on us and what we are doing. The Phi is almost 4 but we are still first time parents who put all kinds of videos of thier kid singing and saying jokes up. Lili and Felix now know that to see their cousin Day-day they go to the computer. To them The Phi is an internet sensation.

I hope that despite the distance the kids will be able to grow up together and be a big part of each others lives. Because Cousins, your older cousins and younger cousins, are really the best. They are like friends and then some.


  1. There is nothing like familia. I grew up surrounded by cousins. I'm the oldest on both sides,so I got to see them all grow up and have kids. Sadly since everybody is in California and we're in Arizona my boys didn't get the same luxary of cousins. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My parents also had big families, 8 and 9, so I have tons of cousins. My folks only had 2 kids as did my sister and I, so our kids have only a few cousins, much less fun. Love the photos of the kiddos.


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