Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do all kids do this?

Last weekend while her parents were partying it up in San Diego, The Phi was enjoying a "slumber party" with her god-parents. I was only a little bit worried about her spending the night. Just a little worried that she wouldn't want to go to sleep or would wake up freaked out about where she was. We had not left her overnight with anyone except my parents and that was almost 3 years ago!

But as all things with The Phi, she did great. She had fun and I enjoyed the stories her god-parents told us when we picked her up.

  • They took The Phi to a local park to play. She had a great time and so did her Nino, but Nina not so much. Nina went down one of those bumpy slides and hit the bumps wrong and caught air and hit the slide on each bump. Not so fun, but Nino had a good time retelling the story and I have to admit it was a funny image.
  • Nino had to go out to the store to buy macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. Yup pretty much the staples of a toddlers diet.
  • The next morning they were watching The Little Mermaid. A classic from our childhood and Nina was singing along with the music. The Phi turned to her and said "Nina, don't sing. Just watch the movie". OH SNAP!
  • This one is something that The Phi has started doing a lot. She was rehearsing how she was going to greet us when we got there to pick her up. She practiced where she would stand, how she would run up to me and how she would say "Mommy". Is this normal or do we have a future actor on our hands?
Lately she has been studying people and doing imitations. (She does an amazing Joey.) She acts out scenes where she plays all the parts just uses different voices. And like at her god-parents she reherses. Today we were taking some sand toys for her classroom and last night she practiced how she was going to walk to her teacher, hand over the toys and say "here you go teacher, we brought you sand toys" The teacher would say "Oh thank you Sophia, that was very nice".

Tell me this is normal!


  1. ummm, my kids don't rehearse real life future situations. I think you may have a unique one there. They do "act out" parts. But not quite the same way yours does. My oldest thought she was Simba from Lion King the first 4 years of her life.

    Good luck with that.

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Elias acts out scenes from Star Wars movies. But that's not quite the same. . . I think she's in for quite a career in entertainment ahead of her!

  3. I think you have an Oscar winner in your midst. None of my children or grandchildren did this.

  4. i didn't know any kid who acted out scenes like that.

    and hi to her ninos! i miss hanging out with them.


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