Friday, April 17, 2009

The Athletic Ones

My family is not athletic. The closet we are to athletes is my youngest sister who use to dance. We did not play AYSO soccer or softball. It just wasn't in is. Luckily is was just my immediate family because a lot of my cousins are not only athletic, but talented athletes. Last week my cousin Gabriel text messaged me to let me know that he was going to be playing in a soccer tournament in my neck of the woods. YEA! Family, coming to my neck of the woods. We love that so of course The Phi and I were was excited to head out to a game.

See I told you she was excited!

My cousin right before the game.
His number is 13 and The Phi kept saying "Go Number One Three!"

Action Shot

You better believe the Paletera was out in full force.

More action.

The Phi thought hitting a soccer ball with your head was hilarious

The Athletic One!

Thanks again Gabriel for inviting us out. We had a blast, and not only because there was a snack bar!


  1. Wow! These photos are incredible.

    We're not athletic either. I am probably the least coordinated person in the world. Sometimes I just fall over... with no explanation. I work out at the gym in our building... and have been thrown from the treadmill two times in the last six months. I'm a physical catastrophe.

    I hope not to pass this onto my children. I think that Lila seems pretty capable.... but Bunny may have gotten the tumble gene. Sorry Bunny.

  2. Wow, looks as if everyone had a great time. Your photos are great. I, too, am not athletic, but my hubs is. When he asked me to marry him, his best friend said, "You're going to marry HER?"


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