Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Time Had Come...

The Phi is almost 4 years old and had never had her hair cut at a salon. Last summer I chopped about 4 inches off the bottom but never by a professional. So I needed to go into my salon for a haircut and after a lot of convincing The Phi agreed to get hers cut too.

She was cool until we got there. Then the whining started.

I don't want my hair cut at the hair shop Mmmmmmmooooooommmmmmmmm!

So Joey started looking at hair books with her to distract her while we waited. She found a little girl with bangs that she liked.

Once it was her turn she was a champ in the chair.

Classic The Phi face!

And we thought she could not get any cuter!

It's strange to see her look so different. She looks older because she has a little hair style, but younger because her little face looks rounder.

She keeps looking at herself in mirrors and this morning when I dropped her off at school she told her friend..

I went to the beauty store yesterday and got my hair cut!


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    she looks adorable! ang

  2. She's completely adorable! That face is so cute, so huggable! Aviendha's hair is so curly and grows out the sides and top like a chia pet - can't wait until its long like The Phi's!

  3. That kid has to stop getting cuter, or I'm going to be forced to have another one. She's not doing my reproductive system ANY favors.

  4. Looks great. Next she'll be up for a mani and pedi.

  5. Anonymous1:29 PM

    SO CUTE!! And she doesn't have tent hair like her mommy! LOL! JVS

  6. Adorable!!!!
    And it does make her look older-ahh! I love it.

  7. OMG. I love it. She is adorable.

  8. She looks super cute. I took Xixi to a salon about a month ago and she LOVED it! Also, her hair looks awesome. I can just wash and air dry it and it looks really good with all the layers. It was worth the money. My girlfriend does my hair so it isn't too bad. The Phi reminds me of Xixi. We have her christmas picture on the fridge and Xixi always asks me, "Is that me or The Phi?"

    "It's The Phi, silly!"

    And then she laughs.

  9. how exciting. i saw her photo on flickr and was wondering why she looked less phi-ish. the bangs make a big difference.


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