Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Home Studio Etsy Shop

One of the many many many tasks I have at work is to buy birthday gifts for the staff. 90% of my staff are women so this means I can buy girly gifts. I have made them scarves and embroidered dish towels. This year I was looking for something different and cute. I love looking through Etsy.com at all the homemade cuteness and I came across HomeStudio and these oh so cute necklaces. Here are the six that I bought for the ladies with March birthdays.

These are just 6 of many many different adorable designs she had. And the cuteness does not stop there. Here are the backs...

YES they are Scrabble tiles!

Even better is that the artist is local. Out of all the etsy shops online I ended up buying from someone from Palm Desert! These necklaces are reasonable prices too. Only $7.50 for a piece. You can even buy them in sets! So if you are looking for a cute gift these scrabble tile necklaces are great!


  1. These are great. I love Etsy. My hair goddess, here in Murrieta, even has an Etsy shop.

  2. Anonymous7:45 PM

    ohh i love etsy.com. i love the owl! yay for owls. lol.

  3. Do you have the coolest job on earth or what? :)

  4. I splurged on one of these pendants last fall. It was the one with a pic of a bike with a banana seat. I still gotta blog about it.


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