Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking the Bank

It's Friday night. Work week is over (well for me anyways) so what do us wild and crazy kids do?

We watch Pineapple Express and The House Bunny and roll coins.

We are hard core like that. And by hard core I mean absolutely boring.

The Phi has this awesome ceramic piggy bank her great-grandparents brought her back from a trip to New Mexico. Joey always gives her all his change at the end of the day and anytime her great and grandparents give her money it goes into her piggy. Joey decided it was time to empty the pig.

After all the rolling she had a total of $229.50. Not bad for change. So I was one of those annoying customers I use to dread when I worked in banking. The one with the bag filled with rolled coins. I got a money order and sent off a check to The Phi's credit union.

And what I found really really strange was that she had exactly $9.00 in pennies. Like exactly.


  1. That's really super creepy. And kind of awesome.

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Wow; that $9.00 in pennies is crazy!!

    How big is this piggy bank?? That is just awesome!!

  3. This is actually a really inspiring story. I'm totally going to start saving all my change, instead of letting it rot in the bottom of my purse!

  4. okay, that is weird. Amazing how change adds up!


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