Saturday, March 28, 2009

3-D Movie Time

3-D Movie Time, originally uploaded by Punk Rock Mom.

So the ads for the new Monsters vs Aliens movie started months ago. The Phi asked everyday if we could go see it. Since her concept of time is not great I made her one of those link chains. Everyday at breakfast we took off a link until on Friday we made it to the final link. Which meant that we had to take her to see Monsters vs Aliens. We headed to the early show and were surprised to learn that it was a 3-D flick. I expected cheesy 3-D but it was really good. Cute movie, and it made me fall just a little more in love with Seth Rogan and his stoner laugh. (He is slowly creeping his way up THEE list.) After tickets and snacks it was a $50 movie date, but well worth it. The Phi LOVED the movie. She sat through the whole thing, did not fall asleep and even kept her glasses on the entire time.

So here is The Phi's movie review...

"I think the Monsters vs Aliens movie is......SILLY"


  1. That was a very elegant critique. How freaking cute is she with those glasses and bangs!! Want to do coffee next weekend?

  2. the bf and i went and saw the midnight show. we laughed a lot and were super excited during the trailers for "where the wild things are," "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" (i loved these books as a kid) and "star trek." i admit seth rogen was great, but the 3d effect were lacking. now, coraline? that 3d was awesome...


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