Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pay Pass and Heart Shaped Pizza's

So things around here have been pretty normal. But around here our normal is pretty good. We are all done with being sick and that means that The Phi is back to her crazy silly funny self. I have been working on photos like a mad woman. But I can't complain. I love it. PR Dad has been working the late shift so I only really see him when he gets home and we snuggle and watch American Idol. (Danny is my favorite right now)

So a while back my bank sent me a new debit card. I noticed the little pay pass logo on the corner. Well the other day I finally went somewhere that had the pay pass option. So I thought I was all cool and just flashed my card to pay. Then a head pops out of the drive thru window and asks

"Did you order 6 tacos?"

"Ummm no, I just ordered a diet coke" in my mind I thought, damn I should have ordered 6 tacos!

"ohhhh, can you press your card again"

So I flash the card again and the green lights go and the thing beeps. Then the head pops out again.

"Ummm it didn't work right, Can you do it again?"

So I do it again. And I just know that when I look over my bank statement I am going to see 3 charges from Jack in the Box. All because I wanted to be cool with my pay pass.

On another note, I made the mistake of asking The Phi what she wanted to eat for Valentine's day dinner.

"A heart shaped pizza Mommy!"

okay most people would say, oh easy, just make a heart shaped pizza. But yea, I really do not want to learn how to make my own pizza dough. And on Valentine's Day, I don't want to cook! So I started making calls. And I finally found a place that agreed to make us a heart shaped pizza for Valentine's day.

So to reward you for getting through this boring post here is a silly picture of me and The Phi...

Being Silly with my Phi


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Too cute! Boy do I wish we lived closer! ~pap

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Pizza Hut will be selling heart shaped pizza's. Check it out.

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Love the bangs! JVS

  4. Money, it's too easy to make heart shaped pizza. Get the dough at the market in the fridge section. It's Pillsbury Pizza Dough. Get the cheese, Hunts tomato sauce, oregano, toppings, and it's pizza fun with the kid!

  5. i like how roo is looking at you guys like "you chicks are crazy! just let me take my nap!"

  6. hahha...

    I have never heard of a pay pass until just this moment.

    Until this year, we've gotten whole wheat heart shaped pizza every year on Valentines day. this year we'll be in Disney world.

    And the phi really looks so much like you.

    You're both so beautiful!

  7. Anonymous5:38 AM

    If you bleach your hair and go to Italy EVERY pizza is heart shaped and topped with tomato skin roses.

    Just if you ever need an excuse to visit Italy... :)


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