Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jack Stephananopolis......Its Stephan...Jack Stephan

So our house is old.

Which means the plumbing is old.

So old that when a simple home repair like fixing a leaking shower faucet has to be done, you drive all around town looking for a part.

A part from a company that is no longer in existence.

So instead of a quick fix you are forced to call a plumber to re-do the whole thing with parts from this century.

And $300 later the faucet of your old shower doesn't leak anymore!



  1. I can totally empathize. We lived in our first house in Long Beach, for 30 years, and it wasn't new when we bought it. When we retired and moved, Bob's #1 priority was a brand new house.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Stephan... Jack Stephan!

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Only $300.... sounds like you got a deal! seriously... ;]

  4. but it's so worth it to live in a nice, old home. In new homes, if you went to do a simple repair the room would just crumble around you. Everything has its pro's and con's.

  5. I don't get your title :/

  6. Phi's Mom! I couldn't figure out how to email you so I figured I'd just comment here. I found your blog through Ragamuffin Soul a while ago. I'm a student at Azusa Pacific and my roommate and I love to read your blog to see what The Phi is up to. Per your post in December (Too Busy and Thanks), "Look at my eyes, I'm BUSY!" is now a regular quote in our apartment. Thanks for raising such a cool kid! We don't even know you guys and think you're a great family.



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