Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He Never Looked So Good

So our dog Roo has been with us since he was 6 weeks ago. He has been our family pet for 5 years now and never in those 5 years has he ever been professionally groomed. My youngest sister Mercy works for a vet clinic and LOVES dogs. Even smelly dogs like our Roo. She has taken him under her wing and has set up all his shots and vet exams and everything. She has even paid for them. She is his honorary dog-mother and if Roo could talk he would only speak of his undying love for Mercy. So now that his shots are up to date we took him to The Phi's most favorite store ever (petco) for a spa day.

Here is what he looked like when we dropped him off.........

Yes this is the Mr. Buck-A-Roo Fantastic that you know and love (?). Long fur, all matted and smelly. I have attempted to brush this guy and he was bathed the day before. Oh and when we walked out of the store The Phi's face fell and these ginormous crocodile tears came down her little face. She was so sad that we were leaving Roo behind. I told her that we would be picking him up in an hour and that he was going to be bathed and a hair cut, like a spa day. In her little sad wobbly voice she asked me...

"Mom, is he going to get to wear a snuggy robe?"

"of course baby, he will get to wear the snuggiest robe ever".

About an hour and a half later as we stood in line to check out our books from the library they called to tell us that Roo was ready to be picked up. And holy crap did he look different!

Seriously, this dog as never looked so good.
He even smelled good!!!

Thanks Mercy for everything you have done for Roo. We appreciate, but he appreciates it more. Don't I have the best sister???

(alright sisters! Don't get all pissed Cari!)


  1. Wow, he looks GREAT! What a wonderful sister!

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    WOW! he looks like he's ready for a date. All this time he's looked like a mop. Way to go Mercy Elaine.

  3. i was about to say....

  4. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I was just remembering how he smelled on saturday! ;]

  5. Aww! Rooster looks like a puppy!

  6. wow. that's a total doggie makeover.


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