Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bird and Egg Museum

So last weekend we had a very rare Saturday together and our original plans fell through so we had to come up with something to do. Since it was a rainy day we decided to hit up the San Bernardino Museum. We pass by it all the time and had never been. Really this place should be called the Bird and Egg Museum. It was room after room of stuffed birds and eggs. Seriously.

We did manage to find a room of mammals where The Phi fell in love with a porcupine. She asked to take a picture with it. She never asks to take a picture. And people do you know how tough it is to find a plush porcupine?


Kind of cool, and kind of scary.


The had a separate little area with live animals, where The Phi got to pet a big brown bunny...


and watch spiders do whatever it is spiders do....


and listen to the ocean in a conch shell.


There were a ton of stuffed owls and I liked that part.


Looking at even more eggs.


We learned that The Phi and a full grown penguin are about the same size.
How stinkin' cute is that!


We went together. That's all that really mattered. New things, new experiences together.

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  1. That's awesome! It's great to get out as a family. :)

    I remember going to the San Bernardino Museum all the time when I was younger. I liked the hallway/ramp display of all the crystals and geodes. Do they still have that?


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