Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...and gifts too!

As if the heart shaped pizza wasn't enough we all got to open gifts too! The Phi of course received two gifts. I bought her this Disney princess magnet paper doll like thing, and PR Dad bought her the Rainbow Dash pony that she asks for every single time we are at Target. She was a very happy camper. The Phi gave PR Dad a cute card where she wrote her whole name, legible for the first time! For each other PR Dad and I got all computer geeky with our gifts. I bought him the neoprene case for his netbook. Since his is 10 inches (that's what she said) the cases are not easy to find in the real world, so I had to order from the inter-web. I also put up little Valentine's cards around the house for him to find that morning. (since he had to work and we stayed snuggy in our beds). Each card said " you are the _________ to my________" You know like the Mork to my Mindy, the Lucy to my Ricky, the Patrick to my Spongebob. And then in his card I told him that he was the George to my Wheezy. PR Dad gave me a funny card and a 4 gb memory card for my camera! Awww not romantic but I was very excited. I have doubled my photo taking capability and I love making photos and I love that he knows that and encourages it.

So what did you get for Valentine's day?


  1. Lots and lots of heart shaped peeps!

  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    In a hotel room in NYC! (but by myself) JVS

  3. A new novel by Julia Alvarez (one of my favorite writers) and a second book I hinted at.

    I'm always behind when it comes to buying gifts. Instead, we took a trip to H&M. He picked out a really great blue motorcycle jacket. And that was my gift.


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