Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Knew The Day Would Come

And yet we still were not prepared, physically or mentally. See we had a big like 47 inch TV in our den. We had is for well over a year now. Problem was, it was not ours. We were temporarily housing this television while PR Dad's brother figured about where he was going to end up. Well on Sunday he came by, with his truck to take back his television. So this------------------------------------>
is what we are forced to watch. See that big space between the ponies and the blue storage box (that is filled with yarn) that use to be the screen we watched. The next day The Phi walked into the den and exclaimed "why is the little TV in here!". And as much as I want to say, "who cares? a 19 inch TV is just fine" I really miss the big screen. So we are now shopping around and tonight we will hit up a few more electronic stores searching for the deal of the century because frankly we were not really financially ready either. Plus we don't buy things with credit, I mean why put ourselves into debt? And the real kicker, the icing on the cupcake, our internet is totally being crappy and not working. So sometime between 4:30 and 6:30 (my money is on 6:30) I should be getting a knock on the door and the call of "Cable guy" .

If they can't fix it right then and there I am seriously going to consider changing companies for internet AND cable. I am tired of Time Warner's crap. Did I ever tell you about when we had a second cable box installed for Uncle Matty? The cable guy came by and PR Dad and Uncle Matty were home. He noticed the TV (the now gone TV) and goes on and about how he has a TV just like that but its broken and if we still have the warranty on ours so we can take his back get a new one and give him ours. WTF? seriously man. I called the cable company and totally complained about that, as well as the "awesome" (NOT!) job this guy did. He literally just but a splitter and ran the cable across the den into Matty's room. Literally just across the floor. It was ridiculous. Can't wait to see what today brings? No. I am not going to be all pessimistic. I will be positive and will assume that this guy will be awesome and fix my internet in 5 minutes or less.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    That right there is quite the downsize. Good luck finding some good deals!

    I haven't had cable in 8 years. When I did have it, it was with Time Warner. I remember very clearly that Mr Cable Guy came to my house and picked up all their equipment when we discontinued service.A few weeks ago,I got a call from a collection agency because Time Warner says I never turned equipment in 8 years ago. I kind of hate them and their crap.

  2. There will be some good deals out there, (fingers crossed) we're looking too.
    I sacked cable and Dish as soon as Fios was available from Verizon. We have internet, TV, phone service, and cells thru them. If you "bundle" there's more savings, and no minutes, hours or days with out service, ever.

  3. Ew- we have Time Warner and I hate them as well!!
    We have a big TV as well and I dont know how I could deal without it either-I totally understand your pain.

  4. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Try CostCo. They usually have good deals on TVs. JVS

  5. We ALSO don't shop on credit at all. It's the best way to be, I think.

    I second Costco. Or Craigslist. Or just this one time, credit. One cannot watch Lost properly on 19 inches.

    It's against the law and stuff.

  6. OUch. I can't take all the Time Warner bashing! That is where my man works now! LOL We don't live in a Time Warner zone so we don't have cable with I can't vouch for their service...however, the paychecks that come every two weeks is mighty fine!!

  7. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Becareful if you decide to switch because your alternative is with Verizon Fios... make sure they give you all the goodies to sign up with them. ;]
    I love Best Buy.. that's where we got our TV and their warranty is great!


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