Saturday, January 03, 2009


So a really cool thing about having this blog is that you never know who is reading. A few weeks ago I wrote about The Phi's first trip to the dentist and talked about how her dentist told us it was time to start flossing her teeth daily. On that blog post I received a comment from Bill, the founder of Gripit Floss Holders. How he found this blog, I don't know. I like to think he is just a fan. He told me about his product called Gripit and so I headed over to their website, And Wow what a cool thing. Since when you are flossing someone else's teeth, or even your own for that matter you are forced to stick your fingers in their/your mouth. Not always fun. They say that gross things aren't gross when its your kid, but that a lie. It's still gross. And those little flossers just pile up in the trash can daily are not good for the environment. So these GripIt's were very intriguing. I emailed Bill and his enthusiasm for his product made think I might be communicating with Billy Mays (you know that bearded guy on every infomercial). A few days later I received 2 GripIt's in the mail and we went to test them out. Of course there were photos.

As you can see they were easy to use. When you are finished flossing, simply pop open your GripIt and advance the floss and cut the excess. When you run out of floss you can pop is a roll from any package of floss. Less waste and make reaching back teeth a breeze. This product is great for the whole family.

So GripIt's is.......

You can buy your own at for only $6.95!

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