Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Grandpa Jack's Tattoo Tales

The Phi and I have officially switched public libraries. I was more than fed up with the closer one and now we drive an extra 7 minutes to a different one. It is smaller, no toys in the kids section, less computers, and more books! I love it. A whole giant section of kids books to chose from. Last week this was one of the books we picked up and read. I liked the idea because I could not imagine my Tata with a tattoo. On the other hand every time we walk into a Mexican restaurant and The Phi sees an Aztec Calendar on the wall she points and says "Look, like Tata's tattoo". Her Tata has a few tattoos. And as self-proclaimed Punk Rock parents things like tattoos and piercing are normal in our house, and a normal part of The Phi's life.

I can't even remember any adults in my life having tattoos. I remember my dad telling me that if I ever came home with a tattoo he would take it off. (ouch!) I remember the faces of my sisters as I got my tongue pierced. All those things that seems so strange and for weird people or criminals are now very normal and for very normal people. Which makes me wonder, what is it going to take to shock The Phi?


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    There is no more respect within our society! This new generation is the beginning of the end! Honestly, how would Obama look with piercings and tats?????

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Dear Anonymous: People have been saying that the new generation is the "beginning of the end" for centuries. Guess what. . .we're still here. Deal with it. PRMom--keep doing what you are doing. You are raising a wonderfully tolerant, creative, inquisitive little girl. JVS

  3. Thanks JVS. What tattoo and respect have to do with one another I do not know! And Obama with tats and piercings would make him look like a bad ass. But don't worry anonymous, I am sure The Phi will rebel one day and refuse to get any tattoos or piercings.

  4. I grew up lots of tattooed tios. My Tata has a cross with the mi vida loca dots on his hand. My Dad has lots of tattoos. He took my brother to get one when he turned 18, much to my mother's horror. If anything, I was the freak who *didn't* have any tattoos. Heehee.

    I'm thinking might go totally straight edge in rebellion. Its all about cycles, I guess.

  5. People might go straight edge, that is. Don't you forget when you don't check your spelling?

  6. My father told me that if I ever came home with a tattoo he'd SAND it off of me. Talk about fear. Imagine how scared I was when he discovered I had some (and that's when there were only four!)

    My daughter is really interested in tattoos. She's four. Every four year old has fake tattoos. So she didn't understand why Mommy's never seem to wash off. I took her to a local, very clean, friendly tattoo shop where a customer was kind enough to let her watch her being tattooed. I thought she'd be really bored... but low and behold... she loved the experience.

    It's so strange that anyone can claim that there's a relationship between societal respect and tattoos and piercings. I suspect that in our parents generation tattoos were a means of rebellion- something that bad guys did to declare their badness publicly. In our generation, that's not always the case. Usually, people get tattoos because they like the way they look.

    And, are ya'll sure Obama doesn't have any tattoos? I mean, we've never seen him in his underwear.


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