Friday, January 09, 2009

All My Free Time*

I would like to direct your attention to the left side over there. Go down a bit under the BlogHer ads you will find a slide show titled 365. This is my photo project for the year. It is a pretty common photo project where you take a self-portrait everyday for the whole year. Since I hate being in front of the camera I thought this would be a good project to get over that. I gave my project a little twist. Since The Phi is practically attached to my back every single day I thought I would do a portrait of The Phi and I everyday. As they are added to my Flickr set you can see them on the slide show there on the left. Enjoy!

* and totally kidding about free time. I can't even attempt a relaxing bath without the both of them standing next to the tub asking me "What's for dinner?"!


  1. That is awesome! Did you see that I was doing a 365 too? I was thinking that you would be so proud of me (and my new camera).

  2. Oh...and I love the one of you guys brushing your teeth.


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