Monday, December 01, 2008

Is It Christmas Time Yet?

The Phi is super stoked about Christmas this year. She constantly asks us if its Christmas time yet. And anything and everything that is decorated is "beautiful", "wonderful", "magical". So today after work we opened up the Christmas decorating box and up went the tree, the lights, the garland and all the ornaments. We even put up our "nacimento". The Phi was in charge of placing the animals. So the inside is now decked out for Christmas. Now it's up to PR Dad to get the outside done!

The Christmas cards are done and ready to be mailed and the shopping is half finished. It looks like it is going to be a pretty stress-less season this year. I am looking forward to our nightly drives in our pajamas around town just oohing and ahhing over the lights on the houses.

* oh and that box of hubcaps by the door. Yea there's a story there.*


  1. You are sickening.

  2. Anonymous6:21 PM

    How fun when you kids are little and are excited about every christmas. not that my kids aren't but not the same. Oh, and I noticed in the back ground, did you get new furniture? Nice!

  3. so whats the story with the hubcaps?


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