Monday, December 15, 2008

Ornament Tradition

This is an annual Christmas tradition that my Mom started when we were little and PR Dad and I adopted when we bought our house. Every year we buy a ornament for our tree that symbolizes something significant that happened that year. We have only been in our house since 2004 so we only have a few but I thought I would share.

The day that we got the call that our bid had been accepted and the house was ours we were at Disneyland with my niece The Chone. We were so excited and we bought this ornament for our first Christmas in our very own "castle".

Nothing more significant than having your first baby. Yes this is the "The Phi was born" ornament.

We actually bought this one in 2007 because in 2006 we could not find one. Glad we waited because this one is perfect. It is a big diamond ring with a bride and groom flamingo sitting in it. In 2006 PR Dad and I got married and flamingos were a part of the wedding decor.

In 2007 we lost my cousin Roman. PR Dad found this ornament and it is a perfect one for 2007. Because if Roman was anything it was a rocker!

This year we are searching for a school bus ornament to mark The Phi starting school. Unfortunately the search has not been easy or successful.

What kind of traditions do you have for the holidays?


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Hey Liz, I love all the ornaments, what great sentiment each one has. Very unique. I am sad, I am missing all the tradition this year, as we are going to Mex for X-mas. Well what could I do, right? I am going to make the best of it. Have a great Christmas!

  2. The day after Thanksgiving, we go to the Festival of Lights in downtown Riverside. While we are there, we go to Mrs. Tiggywinkle's (it's a very cool gift store that is packed to the brim with all kinds of cool stuff). We go on the hunt for cool and unusual ornaments. We always have an idea of what we want before we get there, and the owner ALWAYS has it. Last year was a vintage tin toy merry go round, and this year was a vintage robot.
    I love your ornaments.

  3. We have been having trouble too finding our 08. We are looking for a fire truck since we almost lost our house in the gap fire. We also need a dexter one for last year!

  4. we always have santa (used to be grandpa, but now it's an uncle or one of my cousins) come. all the kids (now it includes some older folks too) get a gift from santa. everyone takes a picture and gets their gifts. we also pray the rosary and intersperse the misterios with songs from posadas. there's the adoration of baby jesus and placing him in the nacimiento. ummm... for the last ten years or so we've incorporated games and prizes.

    also, my parent's always set up a nacimiento with a surrounding santa's village. most of the ceramic houses are hand-painted (well they used to be like 20 years ago, but that's changed as some break get lost).


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