Thursday, December 04, 2008

I knew this day would come

On The Phi's first day of school she took with her a green bag with her name on it. And in that bag was 4 things. A shirt, jeans, a pair of socks and a change of underwear. Yes the spare clothes bag. And if you remember from back when The Phi was about to start school I was really freaked about her and bathroom issues. I was worried she wouldn't get to the bathroom in time or not be able to get he pants up or down. Hence the very big drawer filled with stretchy pants. Anyways I knew that this day would come. The day I would go to pick her up and she would be in the spare clothes. Today was that day.

I opened the door and she was sitting waiting for me. As usual I was so happy to see her and she was all smiles. Then I realized she wasn't wearing the outfit I dropped her off in. Oh No! I was about to ask her if she had had an accident when the teachers aide came up and explained. While walking back to the classroom a kid accidently pushed The Phi into a big muddy puddle. So she had to change her clothes.

I was so relieved. I would have hated it if she would have been embarrassed by peeing in her pants. And believe me I know that humiliation The teacher aid also told me that The Phi had fallen out of her chair during snacktime. Sounds like a tough day at the Pre-K.

As we were walking to the car I told The Phi "when I saw you in different clothes I thought you had peed in your pants". She laughed and said "no way Mom". Then as we were driving back to the office I asked her about falling at snacktime. "Phi how did you fall out of the chair?" and she said "I fell by myself. I thought it would be funny"



  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Ah, they grow up so fast!
    You definitely have a class clown on your hands.

  2. LOL!!!That is hillarious!!!


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