Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas with Grandma

We had out first Christmas celebration last night. I made my mother-in-laws favorite, chicken spaghetti and we all sat and had dinner together. Then we sat around the tree with a nice fire in the fire place and opened gifts. The Phi was stoked with her new toys and her new Wall-E movie! And Grandma Kim liked the pajamas we bought her and she really liked the photo book we made for her. I got a new pair of red pajamas that will be perfect for Christmas morning. PR Dad got the Tropic Thunder movie he asked for and we also got a new set of silverware! After presents we made some sugar cookies and hot chocolate and watched The Frosty movie (again!).

I really like that we do this with PR Dad's Mom before Christmas. Instead of rushing on Christmas Eve or day we get to enjoy some quality time together. See each other open gifts and The Phi gets some alone time with her Grandma Kim.

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