Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Facing My Fears

Sometime when you are a parent you are forced to face your fears so that your kid doesn't grow up to be a chicken shit like yourself. When we were at Disneyland I was forced to face my fear. I have a very real and strange fear of little mechanical cars. No go-carts or bumper cars for me. I don't know exactly where it comes from. Maybe some freaky twilight zone episode I saw, or maybe it was the movie night with my Tia Mary where all the movies had the same message. And that message was that clowns are evil and will come to kill you. I don't know. Anyways The Phi is a car lover. She has a drawer filled with hot wheels and such. Most night she falls asleep with one car in her hand. So when she spotted Autotopia at Disneyland and realized that she could drive and get her own drivers license she had to go and she wanted us all to go. I tried to convince her to just drive with Poppa, but she insisted that I ride in the car behind them. So what could I do? Admit my fear to my kid and risk making her scared of it too. Of course not. I sucked it up and got into a yellow car. It was about 2 minutes of torture for me. I hated it and showed me that my fear was still in full effect.

But do you know who is not scared of anything? Veterans. That's right, Veterans are bad ass and deserve a huge thank you from everyone today. So thanks to all you out there and especially to my military family:
Sammy the Bull (Uncle Sam * Army*),
Walkin (My cousin Joaquin *Navy*),
Layzer (my cousin Michael *Navy*) ,
Booga (my cousin Gabriel *Marine*)
Girlfriend (my cousin Enrique *Marine*)

We are thankful today and everyday for everything you do to protect us. We love you very much. Happy Veterans Day.

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  1. It's really terrific that you didn't pass your fear on to your daughter, especially since it's something she loves.

    For me it is the dentist. I used to be completely freaked about going to the dentist, but what I found is that acting like it didn't bother me so as not to freak my kids seems to have helped get over my dentist freakiness.


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