Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chicano Art So Bad Ass. Cheech Doesn't Even Own

Last Friday we trekked out to Cal State Fullerton for an art show / fundraiser. It was a show to help raise money for scholarships and we are all about the education around here. Plus it was put on by Puro Pedo Magazine. A hilarious satire magazine that is the brain child and edited by Jake Prendez, a really really cool dude who I went to graduate school with. Jake rules and since the art show was kind of near by, and the Dre's were going, and I would get the chance to meet the infamous Cindylu in the flesh, AND Chican@ art. I couldn't pass it up even if I was feeling a bit under the weather. I am so glad I went. Cindylu was just as adorable in person and it was so good to catch up with a few old friends.

Chicano Art So Bad Ass
Nice shirt Jake!

poetry in motion
There was poetry readings.
Chicano Art So Bad Ass
Live music

Chicano Art So Bad Ass
And of course the art. So much beautiful art by some very talented people.

And you're in luck. They are having another show/fundraiser this Friday at Casa de la Raza in Santa Barbara.


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I smoked a doobie/joint with Cheech and George Lopez at Saticoy Country club while playing a round of golf. Had to do it!

    I'll ask him why he does not have any of this art work hanging from his walls.

    Cool stuff Lis!!


  2. Holy crap BH! That is freakin awesome. Of course you had to do it!

  3. That is cool. I'm jealous!! I was allll the way in Hawthorne on Friday night so I couldn't make it. Wow--you got to meet the infamous Cindylu!! I wonder how many of us bloggers were inspired by Loteria Chicana? I know I was. We totally have to organize a Chicana blogger meet-up. But not me because I am totally unorganized! LOL

    Whoever BH is...smoking a doobie with Cheech and GLo..firme!!

  4. Maybe we can get together at an all you can eat sushi place?

    It was good to meet you too. And always good to see P and J.

    If I'm infamous, does that mean I'm known for something bad?


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