Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Make Mine Mad Poppa

So naturally after pumpkin picking comes pumpkin carving. PR Dad tried to get The Phi to draw what she wanted her pumpkin to look like so he could copy it. She was not cooperating and instead kept saying "Make mine mad Poppa". Yes she has started calling PR Dad Poppa. She demonstrated a few mad faces for him and he got started.

I think he captured it.

Then it was time to carve the big pumpkin. We had those stencil things but PR Dad decided to free-style it. The Phi was a bit disgusted by the guts.

Then she thought it would be hilarious to put her shredded cheese in her applesauce. Apparently she invented the next big food combo because she ate it all.

And after all the hard work we placed them on the porch and lit them up. The Phi was very excited about the whole process.


  1. So that was his pumpkin after winging it??
    WOW!! He did a great job!
    I still have yet to get a pumpkin too or even find a freakin patch!grr!

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    cool photos!

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM

    good job on the craving pr-dad.


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