Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Weiners

Here is the weekly winners, the car show edition. And very fitting today since we will be spending a lot of time in our car on our way to Laughlin! For more please visit Sarcastic Mom

Here is a giant monster school bus. This monstrosity combines 2 of The Phi's loves. monster trucks and school buses.

Route 66 2008

So she had to go for a spin. 

I make him take this picture every year. 
These are my peeps.

Remember Rat Fink? 

A bright yellow one.

Just for Uncle Sam and my Pops. Two Caprice lovers!

"Take a little trip. Take a little trip. Take a little trip with meeeee"

Just a cool strange shot in a shiny rim

And always the silliness.........
and the sheer joy after riding the Monster School Bus

Route 66 2008


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    LMAO @ Rat Fink

    Those are some slammin' car show photos... but that lil' girl at the end always wins for me. ;-)

  2. Whoa! That monster truck / school bus thing was totally cool!

  3. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I love this weekly winner so much; I think it's my fave of them all!!

    Great shots!

  4. Love the car shots. =)

  5. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Cool shots from the car show! Both my boys would love the monster school bus!

    My faves are the last 2!


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