Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Weiners

And the Weekly winners are back in full effect this week.
For more check out Sarcastic Mom.

A visit with the cousins. Hmmm think they may have a grandfather that was a musician. Yea its in their blood. Rock On Little People!

He kissed a girl and he liked it.

Phi Got Mail! She was very excited to get a Thank You card from Nana and Tata. Their signatures are so distinctive that I didn't even have to tell her who it was from. She knew.

I finished my Turkish Stitch Scarf (more info on it here ) It is really long and super soft and is on its way to a good home.The hotness that is PR Dad coming home.
She's even adorable when she's in time out.
Yea Roo, that sums it up nicely!


  1. Dude, chicks that knit are WAY hotter than dudes who ride.

  2. Wow - kids in a rock band! How cool!

    And you're a knitter, too! Who'd of thunk it!

  3. That is a beautiful scarf you are knitting

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I'm so with Mr. Lady on this one!

    Always love seeing The Phi!

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    hahaha, he kissed a girl and he liked it.

    That knitting shot is faboo. :-)

    And always the silliness! I <3 that!

  6. I love the timeout photo. Too cute.

  7. I'm diggin the scarf.

  8. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Great winners this week~my faves are the 1st, 6th & 8th ones.


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