Thursday, September 04, 2008

Unforeseen Problems with Pre School

 the first day of pre-school went as great as it possibly could go. The Phi woke up very excited about finally going to school. We were up and fed and dressed and right on time. Lets hope that lasts. Maybe I am being way too optimistic and the near future will hold mornings of sleeping in too late and throwing a cereal bar at The Phi as we run to the car. But lets hope not. 

We took the traditional pose by the front door first day of school picture. My Mom has one of all of us all the way to college! I dressed her in an adorable outfit that my cousin Betty and Gerry bought her for her birthday. I even had the matching ribbon in her hair. Her face was clean and hair was combed. This will all be important later....
One very very proud Mom!

All 3 of us headed over to her school and went to check the list to see what classroom she was in. We headed to her class and walked in. The school was packed and chaotic with kids and parents everywhere. I was a bit overwhelmed but The Phi was as cool like always. In her class we signed her in, shook hands with her teacher and she sat down at a little table and chair and started coloring a circle. Another little girl came up and sat to color with her.

coloring a circle at school

Yes I took my camera into her class! So PR Dad looked at each other with a "I guess this is where we leave" look. So we said good-bye, gave her kisses, told her to be good and listen to her teacher and we left. Yep just like that. No tears, no whining, no screaming, no clinging to my leg. I took a peek in the window of the door and she saw me. She gave me a beautiful gorgeous smile that I know I will never ever forget. She waved, and blew me a kiss and I lost it. I put on my sunglasses so she wouldn't see my cry. PR Dad laughed at me for crying saying that he was very proud of her, but not sad. I was both. I cried until we got in the car and then I was fine. Well except that part where I checked the clock ever 3o seconds waiting for the moment I could leave to pick her up. When I picked her up she ran to me and she was soooo happy. Her teacher said she had a great day and I was so relieved and so proud of my kidd-o. 

So back to the outfit. This is what The Phi looked like after a day at pre-school. Please notice....
  • jacked hair
  • ketchup on face
  • blood around nose from a previous nose bleed
  • white pants now brown from sandbox
So I learned my lesson and the cute outfits will be saved for non-school days! 

So after her second day at school we ran into our first problem. She didn't want to leave. Yes she loves school so much she doesn't want to come home.  Looks like she is going to be a big old nerd like her Momma!


  1. Well, you can say one thing for sure, she LOOKS like she had an absolute BLAST!

    One Zoe's first day, my mom had to pick her up for me. Zoe was having such a good time and did not want to leave. The teacher asked if she knew the woman picking her up, and Zoe looked at grandma and said, "Nope! Never seen her before!"

    Talk about embarrassing!

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM


  3. Yay for the Phi! She looks so silly in her after school pic. White pants on a 4 yr old (is that right)? Wow. You're brave!

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM

    That picture of her after school is adorable. He must of had a great day. Love the Phi.


    Samantha, Zoe's first day of school is a classic. I could'nt stop laughing.


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