Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skateboards and Tutus

The Phi is kind of a tom boy. The Complexity That Is The Phi She also has her girlie girl side too.  She likes to wear dresses and loves her My Little Ponies and watching princess movies. The other night I was reading her a bed time story about a little girl who was going to her ballet class. I told The Phi how her "best friend"/ cousin  Angelica use to take ballet classes when she was about The Phi's age. After the story she declared that she too wanted to go to ballet class. So being the overzealous parent of an only child, I did some research and found a (kind of) local Pre-ballet class for 2.5-3.5 year olds.  Perfect! So after work yesterday we headed out and signed her up.  Four little  1/2 hour classes.  Since The Phi has been doing so well at school I figured she was ready for a dance class. While signing her up I asked the lady behind the desk if she needed to wear anything special and she told me that she sees all the little girls in leotards and tutu's. So off we went in search of ballerina attire for The Phi. The Phi picked these really cute pink tights with hot pink glitterly stars on them. While we were out and about The Phi had $6 she won from a school raffle, burning a hole in her pocket so we were going to let her pick something out. She originally picked up a new Yo Gabba Gabba doll. Then of course in the next aisle she saw something else she HAD TO have.  So we kept switching toys out until she laid her eyes on these little skateboards with little skateboard dudes.  It was like the holy grail. She loved this toy and carried the package around until we got home and she was finally able to open it. That's my Phi, the skateboarder, monster truck loving, glittery pink star ballerina.


Also one of my photo articles is up at Blissfully Domestic. So head over and read about why you should  back up your back up!

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