Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fly My Little Butterfly

The Phi, 

I am anxiously checking the clock waiting for it to strike 12:30 pm so that I can pick you up from your first day of pre-school. You didn't cry when we left you in the classroom. Instead you sat at the Soupie sized table and colored with another little girl. You waved at me through the window and blew me a kiss and I had to put on my dark sunglasses because I was crying. You have grown up so much this summer and when you walked into the classroom any little part of you that was "baby" was gone. You are so not my baby anymore. My kid who carries on conversations with me all day long. My kid who doesn't even need me to help flush the toilet. I know that you are going to love school and that's good because I expect lots of post-graduate studies and degrees from you! ( no pressure!) This is just the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives and like with everything else, your Dad and I are here for you 100%.  We will always be here for you 100%. And not just us but our whole family.  I am very proud of you today (and everyday). You are growing into the person you are going to become. You are smart and talented and friendly. I love you so much Dupa. You are my big girl and I can't wait to get to your classroom, hug you and hear all about your first day. 


  1. You must be so PROUD! I envy you.


  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I knew I should have brought a box of kleenex for you! ;]

  3. They grow up so fast don't they?

  4. Anonymous1:30 AM

    aaawww! I almost need a box of kleenex myself after reading that.

    Mine turns one in a couple weeks. I can't believe it. We were just talking about how it won't be long before she stars school. *sigh*


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