Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have nothing to write about today. Work has been super busy and not much time to contemplate post topics. I have about half an hour left at the office, that is of course I can get my work done by then. Then off to town with my 2 favorite people. Wonder if I can sneak a trip to the Yarn Deli today. Maybe if I offer a sushi dinner I can get a trip to the yarn store. I love yarn stores. I wish I could knit faster so I have excuses to buy more yarn. A trip to the book store would be nice too. Oh man I just remembered its Wednesday and we have to go to the library. Damn them and their 1 week deadline. Then we can head out. We have to move faster than usual because our lives revolves around the 8 pm bedtime. Oh well, a small price to pay to have a happy kid every morning. I am still shocked at how much The Phi is loving school. Her teacher reports good days everyday and today they had their first show and tell. They had to bring in their favorite stuffed animal. Which worked out well because everyday The Phi takes her stuffed rabbit in the car to school. She always wants to take it to class, but I never let her. Today she could and she was way excited about it! No I am just worried about about tomorrow when she can't take it to school. 

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