Monday, August 11, 2008


A few months back I received a call from my BFF Jessica. She was driving through San Fransisco after a work meeting. She noticed banners on the street lights announcing a new show coming to the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). She immediately thought of me and dialed my number. She told me about the Frida Kahlo show that was coming to her area this summer.

So part of our visit included a Saturday afternoon in the city at the museum. It was recommended that you buy tickets in advance. This show is so popular that you had to buy a seperate ticket for a specific time to get into the Frida exhibit. I stalled and didn't reserve our tickets before we left for vacation. While at Bass Lake I spoke with Jessica and she offered to make the reservation, but I told her not to. Since I was not sure what our schedule would be like I didn't want to be rushing to get to the city. So we chanced it. And that was such a great decision!

We drove into the city and parked. We had Me, PR Dad , The Phi, Jess and Lucas. So 3 adults and 2 strollers. The line to buy tickets was lined up to the street corner and we got in line. About half way through the line a young dude walked up to us. He said, "Do you guys want to get in for free?" I was thinking, man is this exhibit soo popular that people are scalping tickets? This dude must have noticed my strange expression because he explained. "I work here and get 5 tickets free a day" After taking notice of his name badge Jessica said "Sure". he took us out of the line and right into the museum. He got his right in and up to the Frida Exhibit where we were bypassed the line to get into the exhibit and right in! When does that ever happen!? It was very cool, like were were famous VIP's (let's kick it!) That dude saved us a gripe of cash and time!

As for the exhibit, well I cried. Yes As I stood there so close to the paintings, knowing that this would be as close as I could get to an icon, tears formed in my eyes and I brush them away quickly. There was a ton of people there and I did not want to be the crazy lady who was bawling at the museum. The exhibit is huge. Lots of room filled with her work. from her early self portraits, to her dark period of images of suicide and murder, to her still lifes that she painted towards the end of her life. There was even photographs of her everyday life, and a room summarizing Frida's time in San Fransisco.

This is the second time for me, seeing Frida Kahlo's work up close and personal. The first time was in Mexico City at the Frida Kahlo museum (which is also her old house). I had never heard of Frida when I was there, but after I left I needed to know more. When I got back from Mexico I dove into an biography about her and was captured by her life and story. I remember when I got to the end of the book and she died I was sobbing in my bedroom. My Mom even came in to see if I was okay. I was fine, but I was in love with Frida Kahlo, her painting, her story, her pain, and her passion. I read everything I could about her and studied every inch of her work. I even attempted my own replica of one of her pieces. And this is huge because I am NOT artistic, but I wanted to be like her. I even loved the movie and thought Selma did a great job with it. I loved her obsessive love for Diego and how deeply she felt everything. I think what I really love is how you can feel her through her painting. You can feel her emotions through paint on canvas. I am going on and on but this was such an amazing experience for me. Right up there with my wedding and the birth of The Phi!

*special shout out* Jessica thanks so much for coming with us to this. I know I am the artsy one (as our 90's game showed) and I know a museum with a baby is not easy. And when you throw in feedings and exploding diapers it's really not easy. So thank you so much for sharing this with me.


  1. I am *so* jealous.

  2. That is so awesome for your getting-in luck, and I am so glad you had such an amazing time at such an amazing exhibit!

  3. What Samantha said. JEALOUSSSSSSSS.

    I'm so excited for next month. Now I am buying my timed tickets FOR SURE. And I so want to jack one of those banners!!! LOL

  4. Frida is good, but not as good as me :-)
    Check out El Balazo mex restaurant next time you are in SF. Frida stuff there too.


  5. What luck! I saw a few paintings at LACMA this week and some more during their 30 Centuries of Mexican Splendor show circa 1992. It's really cool to be that close to the paintings that continue to inspire and move so many!


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