Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Recent Stuff

So I am not finished with the PRP Vacation Extravaganza posts but I thought I would interrupt them and my photo ABC project to tell you about some recent milestones we here at the PRP house have accomplished.

For a long time The Phi ahas always seemed to be a little toddler kid. Maybe because she never gets any taller or heavier. So she has always been more like a 2 year old and still my baby. Well in the last week she has made 2 big leaps into childhood and I may need hours of therapy to cope. First we finally trashed her ugly filthy disgusting car seat for a new big kid booster!

Sleeping is not so easy in this and I need to find those seatbelt strap cover things to make it a bit more comfortable. But it is pretty awesome.

And second The Phi has finally had her first haircut! Yes we know that she is 3 but those little Shirley Temple ringlets were just 2 cute. But the ends were so dead and brittle and constantly tangled. Made it a nightmare to comb. I wanted to cut it before we went to Bass Lake but I totally chickened out. So on Wednesday I took the plunge and and grabbed some scissors and cut!

So here is the before picture. Right after the bath all combed out. And yes I cut it in her room, and yes I know I probably should have cut it dry and not wet but whatever people. Whats done is done. And here is what was done.....

I know I cut a lot. And the first question everyone asks is..."did she lose her curls?". And the answer is sort of. The ends are still pretty curly, even ringlet-y. But not like it was before. It was a big deal for us and The Phi and she did great. Her job was to stare at PR Dad's belly and stand still. And she did her job pretty well. Her hair looks so much more healthy and full and darker!

The Phi is not the only one who has reached a milestone. If you have ever met and even seen a picture of PR Dad you know that he has been praying, dreaming, wishing, hoping, for a motorcycle. Well PR Dad learned that sometimes dreams do come true, all Disney or Oprah style. On the last day of our vacation we spent a few hours at a motorcycle place and after an iced coffee and chocolate milk at the little waiting area and dealing with a salesman that looked way too much like my ex-husband we left with this...

Anything for you Babe!

And as for me my big accomplishment was making 3 dinners each under $4 for all of us. And I have mastered knitting baby hats. My god when did I become the boring one!?


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Okay, you are going to have to school me on how to make dinners on the cheap.

  2. The Pi is beautiful! You must be so proud!

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    my poor baby's hair is practically gone! :( ok, maybe a slight exaggeration ~pap ;)

  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Oh her curls will come back. My Mom cut my ringlets when I was young and my hair actually went straight for a bit, but the curls came back. And now the curls are out of control.

  5. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I shed a small tear for the Phi's curls! But it will grow back in no time!
    And as to your accomplishments, you are a wonderful mom and wife (let ur hubby get that bike ;) and don't forget great photographer!!

  6. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Forgot to mention that I am a firm believer in cutting hair wet. It's so much better! ;]

  7. That is one HOT bike, yo. And can I squee over the cut? SQUEE! I bet she looks adorable!

  8. Um, recipes for dinners? Please?!?!

  9. You're not boring, you're a dedicated wifey!

    I wanted to see what The Phi's hair looked like after you cut it, dry!


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