Friday, August 08, 2008

BFF The Next Generation

Bass Lake was not the end of the PRP summer vacation extravaganza. We drove across CA to visit with Rick, Jessica and their gorgeous (seriously...just look at the photographic evidence!) boys Elias and Lucas. This was a way over due visit. Jess and I have been BFF since 1981 (not a typo I meant 81) and have been through everything together and this was the first time I had been to her house. Loved the house and we had such a great visit. It was over much too soon.

Elias and The Phi are about 8 months apart (he is older) and they got along as you would expect 3 year olds to get along. The fought and made up and played well. I really think that this time with Elias was so great for The Phi. She never interacts with kids her own age and the arguing and playing and sharing were so good for her. Elias is one smart kid and my god he is cute!
Elias is not the only cute one. He has some competition with his baby brother Lucas. This little guy will melt your heart. The best baby to ever be! This kid hardly ever cried. Slept like a champ and was just over all a really happy kid. I cannot tell you how happy I was to spent some time with this little guy. I missed this age with Elias.

Of course once the kids were in bed the parents had some fun of our own. The first night was a round of Mike's Hard Lemonade and board games. We played Cranium and then The 90's Game. If you are from the same era as us you will love the 90's game. We all did! The next night we had even more fun. And by fun I mean the guys played Wii and Jess and I giggled over photos of our past lives.

On our last day The Phi and Elias dressed alike. Jut like BFF's like to do. As I was taking this picture Rick and Jessica's neighbor walked over and Elias yelled "this is my girlfriend". Way too freakin cute!

I find it amazing that I have a friend that I have known for this long. We have grown up together and I value our friendship more than I think she will ever know. She is like family to me and I love her so much. To have our children play and interact and just know each other is such an amazing and wonderful thing to me. And just think when they are 30 and still friends (hmmm maybe even married to each other!) they could say they have known each other their whole lives!


  1. Great photos! Exactly, what are the guys playing with in that photo? I'm sure they're not playing with what I think it looks like!;)

  2. I love it. They are SO STINKING CUTE. And you can come play Wii with us ANYTIME!

  3. Found you on AM! Cuties, just cuties!

  4. Cute! Glad yall had fun - came from AM too


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