Friday, July 18, 2008

Idols Fallen

The Phi loves her jams. She likes to listen to the same songs over and over again. And Uncle Matty is super awesome about keeping The Phi's ipod filled with cool ass kids music. Her latest obsession has been the new Barenaked Ladies cd called ,"Snacktime!". It is such an awesome little kids album filled with songs about ninjas, numbers, loons, pollywog's, big sisters, a crazy alphabet, a food party, and howling wolves. Well the lead singer has recently been in the news. No, not for their Disney summer tour. He has been all over the news for being busted for cocaine possession. His people adamantly deny any guilt on his part, and I hope that's true. Cause I just cannot bring myself to take my kids to a coke-head in concert. No matter how much she loves them!


  1. This sucks. If the cops found cocaine on him, is he not guilty of cocaine possession? Kinda hard to deny guilt if they found it on you.

  2. LOL at your version of the mugshot!

    New reader here. Just checkin out other mommy blogs :)


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