Friday, July 04, 2008

Firelights and Evacuations

Last night my family got together at my sisters house for a 3rd of July celebration. The kids had a great time playing together. We ate and we drank and watched the "firelights". That's what The Phi called them. Too cute I know.

When my parents and sister left their house in Santa Barbara they had their bags packed. After talking with the fire marshall they left confident and without their bags and without Flip (the dog). Only 2 hours after they left the winds pick up and even worse they shifted. Their house and the houses around them were evacuated. The streets were shut down and there was no way to get to the house. The beautiful Santa Barbara house that even in 3 short years holds so many amazing memories for our family, our baby showers, Chirstmas, birthday parties and the one most dear to us here at PRP our wedding reception. We knew that there was a chance for evacuation so I had my parents bring me the pink sash from my wedding dress and the big wedding portrait with our guests well wishes. All night I was trying to think of what things my parents should have brought, and everything they risk losing in this Gap fire. I couldn't figure out how my parents, with all the amazing things in thier house (I mean my Mom has a Dyson!), were so calm. Then I snapped this picture.....

All of us together, happy, safe and sound. Enjoying the firelights and some cool refreshments. This...They are is what is most important and as long as we are all safe everything is going to be fine. No matter how hard the winds blows. So on this 4th of July we are back home, watching a super awesome Gidget marathon (i loved this show!) waiting by the phone for updates from my parents. They are on the way into Santa Barbara to see if they can get to the house and grab some clothes and Flip.


  1. I sure hope your family is safe and sound - their home too.

    Happy 4th!

  2. to update you and anyone else who cares, we went to sb, needed to be escorted by a sherriff to our house, got flip, packed some clothes, and then headed straight back to moorpark. as of now it seems as though the fire has passed our home and the houses close to us. but if the winds get crazy again like last night then you never know what can happen.

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    glad you are all safe! hope you enjoyed the fireworks show ~pap


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