Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When He's Good...he is very good

PR Dad did is homework. He did some research and found out that the traditonal second anniversary gift is cotton. And then he took that to the next level. When he got home from work yesterday I was in the kitchen with my back to the door. I turned around as I heard him walk into the house. He had this silly ass grin on his face. PR Dad may be a man of little words, but his face always gives him away. I looked at him and said, "What's up? You look weird". He faked offense at my comment, told me Happy Anniversary and kissed me. As I pulled away from him I noticed a giant white bag by the front door. And it had the familiar red lining and along the side it big beautiful red letters it said COACH. I think I screamed, then ran to the bag and pulled out a big white box with a big red bow. I yanked the bow, ripped through the layers and layers of tissue. And after the tissue storm calmed I was holding a brand new Hampton watercolor coach bag. It was beautiful and I cannot believe that PR Dad bought it for me! He said he even made sure it was made out of cotton! I love my new bag and my husband is the most awesome husband ever. He recognizes that it was him that started this whole handbag obsession. We went out to Benihana for dinner and had a great time. Even got an adorable souvenir picture. When we got home and put The Phi to bed I looked around our room at with my camera bag open, my perfume bottle was still on the night stand, I was taking off and putting away my jewelry and I realized that my husband really spoils me. I have been accused of being spoiled by PR Dad and had always denied it. But last night as I looked at the latest addition to my growing handbag collection I had to admit it. Yes he does. Oh and he even had a card with the gift!


  1. You know what I got as an engagement gift? A Ring? Flowers? An f'ing BABY.

    You know what I got for my 2nd anniversary? The diamond I never got at engagement? A candlelight dinner? ANOTHER BABY.

    I am *this* jealous of your bag. It's awesome. Kudos to PRDad.

  2. Anonymous10:38 PM

    happy anniversary and feel better!!! ~pap

  3. Dang, I am lucky if I get a card! Way to go!

  4. How sweet! It's the perfect summer bag. Congrats to you two on two years! Yay.


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