Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Weiners

This week flew by. We had a wonderful trip to Sea World with old and good friends. The Phi and I talked a lot about attitude. Yes she has been throwing attitude all over the place everywhere. We got wet outside and BBQ'ed. We even flew a kite! For more weekly winner visit, Sarcastic Mom.

I see you The Phi!
Hold on tight The Phi!
Elias and The Phi. The Next Generation.
This is now my new favorite picture of my man. Yea I can't believe the hat did it for me.
We broke in the new inflatable pool.
This was a sign at the Artic Zone exhibit at Sea Worls. I found it hilarious.

Pa is one cool cat.
My new Yummy Breakfast keychain. From the very talented author of the blog My Paper Crane
The weather has heated up to the triple digits already!

Go Fly a Kite

this week with attitude.


  1. Ok which one to pick as a favorite....

    .. the feet in the pool...

    .. the kite...

    .. the sillyness face...

    ahhh!!!! my heads gonna explode! Great, wonderful shots this week!

  2. I love her big brown eyes in that last photo!!

    Cute keychain too! It looks like it was a fun trip.

  3. OMG. That last one is classic. Classic attitude! But cuuuuute attitude. Looks like you had a great time. I also love the first picture.

  4. The face in the last shot is just too cute!!
    And I love the kite shot!

  5. Anonymous8:09 AM

    So many great shots this week!!! I think I love the attitude one the best!

  6. Anonymous8:24 AM

    All so great, lots of diversity, but that last shot..oh my..makes my sides hurt from all the laughter!!

  7. Anonymous9:44 AM

    She is just so darn adorable every single week! Looks like much fun in the summer sun, too. Great shots.

  8. Fatastic perspective on the Kite pic!!

  9. That last shot it the best! I love the attitude she's

    Have a great week.

  10. LOVE the attitude shot!!

    The kite shot is a perfect memory capture.

  11. Anonymous1:19 PM

    All great shots this week~it's impossible to pick a fave! Don't you just love toddler attitude though?!? My youngest son (3) has begun showing his a little lately!I just keep saying to myself~this too shall pass ;) I wouldn't take anything for him though~attitude & all ;)

  12. Omigod, the attitude pic is the best. I'm sure it gets annoying, but damn, its cute.


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