Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shes lost it....

The Phi has gone off the deep end. Here are a few examples....
  • I have to carry a black eyeliner pencil with me at all times because The Phi gets these sudden urges to be a cat and I have to paint on her nose and whiskers.

  • She has been walking around for 2 days now saying "Waffles sound so good right now" and then cracking up like a mad man.

  • She has some new princess figurines. She like to take her matchbox cars and run the princesses over.

  • at work she has been carrying around a full sized broom and sweeping everything in sight. Including me.

  • She is eating meat. Like she is eating a whole hot dog and pieces of chicken. Crazy I tell you.
  • She has been singing the "ABC" song like crazy, but she hold each letter for a long time and lets her voice get all wobbly. Its pretty hilarious.
  • She now asks to go to Starbucks. (for chocolate milk of course)

Right now I am being "swept" by a cat telling me that "waffles sound so good right now". This is my kid and I wouldn't change her for the world.


  1. lol... i love the fact that shes running over the princess' w'her cars.. u should use non-toxic washable markers (the cryola kind) so you can save your eyeliner, and you can tell her the marker is better cause she can get bigger lines "whiskers"...

  2. can we get some video? hehe.

  3. haha! now i understand the video. i wish you lived over here so i could watch her while you go to work.

  4. Anonymous8:08 AM

    If you lived near me I would insist you drive the child to my house immediately to play with my four year old who is JUST LIKE THAT. Except my daughter's new big thing is to be taken to Inta Juice. Love it.

    Found you via All Mediocre :)


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