Friday, June 20, 2008

Sea World (again!)

Yes again. But this time it was with friends. My BFF from grade school and her hubby and 2 boys were in San Diego for vacation. So after a day at Legoland, a day at the SD Zoo we met with them for a day at Sea World. It was so much fun! But lets let the pictures speak for themselves.....

The happy family on vacation. We were so happy to see and spend time with them!

We don't judge.

This was so awesome for Jessica and I. We were so happy to see our kids, playing together and getting along.

My best friend since kindergarten and her beautiful boys.

My silly girl makes a silly friend

We even managed to do and see things we had not done or seen before

It is so strange to me. I was looking through the pictures of The Phi and Elias it was looking into the past. (well if Jessica was a boy) They look like baby versions of us. Kind of like when they took the Looney Toons and made then babies.

Elias enjoyed the new Sesame Street play area. Eventually The Phi gathered enough courage to get on the rides too.

not only completely adorable, but the best baby ever. I never heard him cry once the whole day. And no Jess, a whimper is not like crying!

The Phi surprised us by knowing exactly where the exhibits were.

We even went on the Sky Ride. Over the harbor with the greatest of ease.

We even are cute penguins!

A San Diego sun set.
And if the day couldn't get any better I met my favorite all muppet and my hero.......


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Visiting from All Mediocre! :)
    What beautiful pictures!! I would LOVE to go to Sea World someday.

  2. wow. we hadn't really considered seaworld. i didn't know you lived HERE!! WE ARE HERE!
    i guess this means we can't convince you to meet me at legoland?

  3. Those are awesome. Really looks like it was a good time.

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    AUGH! you have a starfish attached to your belly in that first picture!


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