Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Disney, You have gone too far.

We went out with some friends last night to watch Ku Fu Panda. The movie was great and the kids loved it. That was not the issue. The issue came during the previews. As we had just settled in and were munching away on our popcorn when this came onto the screen....

So at the beginning I thought for a brief second, "oh cool a Mayan or Aztec movie". Then I started to get a little nervous remembering the damn Mel Gibson movie. Then the dog popped out and my jaw hit the floor. When the very Lou Vega, Mambo #5 like music started playing, PR Dad immediately looked over at me. He wasn't going to miss this reaction. After the preview was done, i looked at PR Dad and said, "Wow, Disney really took it too far this time". Please people back me up on this. I am not overreacting right? This preview is pretty damn offensive right? I mean dancing Chihuahua's dressed up as little Aztec warriors dancing all around scared ruins. This would be the equivalent to a bunch of cows dressed in sari's dancing around the Taj Mahal. These ruins are part of our culture. A reminder not only of the devastating fall of an empire, but as a reminder of the people that we come from. The astronomers and mathematicians and the artist. These relics should be treated with great respect and here Disney has made them a back drop to hundreds of dancing Chihuahua's. I mean really was there not one person who worked on this movie trailer that thought, "hmm maybe we should go maybe go a different angle. This could offend some people." I mean really, not one.


  1. I tried to be offended really I did. I just think Disney is pretty lame all together. A Beverly Hills Chihuahua??? What did they do borrow Paris Hilton's dog?

  2. Thanks for trying Pamela!!! haha

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Why “Damn the Mel Gibson Movie”??? He was right on with the kind of people Mayas were. Just because they were smart does not mean they were good people. Don’t you remember that they believed in human sacrifice of others for their own selfish reasons? Yes they were smart, but they were also very greedy, loving all the material things that they could get their hands on. The small tribes were the good people in his movie. The people who built the structures/pyramids were like our Corporate Companies who only look out for their companies’ net worth and well being.

    To answer your question…As a Mexican, yes, I am offended by the Disney cartoon!! I can also see how Chicanos and Latinos may not take it as offensive as a Mexicano.

    Mis Hermanos Mexicanos… Siempre Unidos!!

  4. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Remember that burritos are a California/Chicano thing. They do not sell burritos in Mexico.

    Viva Los Hermanos!

  5. I think George Lopez is the voice of the chihuahua. :( Lis' I'm with you on this one and tell anonymous that the mel gibson movie was full of inconsistencies!

  6. I first heard of this movie in a Puro Pedo meeting. I couldn't believe it was a real movie. They got all the brown actors in Hollywood to lend their voices too. I mean, did George Lopez really need a job that bad? I thought syndication had him set.

    I'm not sure I'm offended or that this goes further than Disney's other historical inaccuracies, especially when it comes to indigenous people. Can I just say I'm offended by the very plot of the movie. It just seems lame.


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