Friday, May 16, 2008

I was warned

So last night we took The Phi to Toys R Us. See she is part of the super exclusive Geffory Birthday Club. (okay so any kid can join, but don't tell The Phi that) We walked in and went up to customer service, The Phi handed the lady a card and the festivities began. And by festivities i mean the lady said in a very Ben Stein monotone kind of voice "oh its your birthday" then proceeded to slap a sticker in The Phi's hand, dump a paper crown on her head and hand her a balloon. Luckily for us The Phi did not pick up on this employees obvious lack of excitement for her job and instead was just stoked on her sticker, crown and balloon. Then we wandered the aisles in search of a new My Little Pony, because The Phi had also been sent a $3 gift card, and she was not afraid to use it. We found Pinkie Pie pony and PR Dad just happened to wander into the video game section. So we ended up walking out with PR Dad's birthday gift too. A playstation 2 and a couple of games. One of those games being Guitar Hero: Rock Legends. Holy crap this game rocks. I stayed up until after midnight playing and I finally had to yell at PR Dad (over a text message) well after 2 am to put down the guitar and come to bed. I think we are in for a lot of late nights and guitar hero battles. I currently have the high score for "Story of my Life" by Social D. On the easy level of course!


  1. i played at next door and that game is so fun!!! bring it this weekend and we can play saturday night.

  2. I came very close to buying Guitar Hero for our Wii at Costco today. I didn't because I KNEW it would begin to occupy all my "free" time.

    Happy Birthday to The Phi!

  3. i cant wait to own you at every song!

  4. I looooove Guitar Hero. I haven't played in a several weeks. At one point I thought I'd buy my own PS2 just so I could play at my apartment, but then I figured I'd never get anything done. I'm currently playing songs on Hard 'cause I was acing everything on Medium.


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